A coffee grinder for all your life
High-quality materials
Aluminium body with components of the highest quality. Stainless steel tray.

Display touch

Clear and comprehensive display which shows plenty of information in the electronic models:

  • The display shows the number of coffee made through the day, week, month or a whole life of grinder doser.
  • Burrs replacement notification.
  • Single and double grinding time adjustment.
  • 12 languages selection: IT/ENG/SP/FR/D/PT/CK/RUS/THAI/GRE/CHIN/MAL.
  • Show percentage humidity, temperature and other options.

Micrometric grinding adjustment

The burrs are always working flat. (Ajustment with three springs)

Two tampers
Two tampers: Ø 57 and Ø 53 mm. Aluminium fork for all kind of filter holder.

Engine cooling

Only in model i·bar30.
Fan with thermostat activated only when the grinder doser overheats.

High-quality components
Stars and lever made of aluminium. Dispenser unit adjustment 5.5 - 9.5 g.

Auto refill system with two microswitchs. Every six shots starts to grind. Dispenser always full. Precise doses.

Practical details
Easy close adjustment. Analogic coffee counter.
Unbreakable hopper.
Hopper made from special hard-wearing unbreakable plastic. Transparent, with fitted cover.