AISI316 stainless steel boiler
Plasma soldering
Extremely sturdy
Boiler thickness: 2.3 mm; cover thickness: 5 mm
4 litres

Stainless steel heating elements
Manufactured in high-quality Incoloy® 800 stainless steel
Thermoblock aluminium + stainless steel
  • Clean water. Here it is constantly renewed and clean for every coffee. The taste and smell of the coffee are unaffected. As the water does not stand in the boiler, being constantly re-heated, quality is not affected.
  • Thermal stability. Quality in cup. Thanks to its high capacity and internal pipe measuring over a metre long. Optimised with electronic temperature control.
  • 100% food-safe. AISI 316 stainless steel water circuit. No metal migration in water.
  • Less limescale build-up. Easy-to-clean stainless steel circuit reduces limescale build-up.
  • Steam. Unlimited steam supply. Constant pressure. No damage to the heating element caused by low water levels. Reliability and quality.

(capsule only)
Auto-ejection system for capsules. 100% metal group. Professional. Perfect for use in catering (bars, restaurants, etc.). 50, 100 or 200 coffees a day.
Fixed filter holder

(only coffee pods)
Our fixed filter-holder system features an exclusive patented design which allows ease of use and superb ESE coffee pod removal.
Mobile filter holder (versatile)
This system allows the use of both ground coffee and ESE coffee pods.
Ground coffee
ESE coffee pods
Coffee capsule (OPTIONAL)
Professional group

(Diameter 58mm)
Coffee group is manufactured lead free brass.

Professional filter holders
Following the Ascaso philosophy of transferring professional components from the espresso coffee world to the home, all our machines feature a nickel-plated brass filter holder with stainless steel filter (for 1 or 2 coffees) and a special filter for ESE coffee pods.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it has a strong yet pleasant feel. Non-slip grip. It is tilted 10º for ease of use, while the horizontal placement of the filter holder in the delivery group ensures perfectly pressed coffee grounds.
Professional filters
Comes with a filter for 1 coffee, another for 2 coffees and one blind filter for regular cleaning with a good detergent. Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel using cutting-edge technology.

The circular perforations are totally uniform and always the same size (maximum tolerance of 0.02 mm difference between one hole and the next).
Its design (a geometric pyramid for the holes and a 94º angle) guarantees uniform dispensing and reduces possible sediment in the coffee and the blocking of the holes.

High quality shower
Without welding. AISI304

Professional valves
Professional-quality steam and water valves.
Guaranteed long useful life.
Made in all cases of lead-free brass (OT 57).

Electronic technology
High-quality electronic components.
Thermal stability guaranteed (±1,5ºC both in long series or spacing).
10 warnings.
Independent and regulable electronic temperature controls for each coffee group.
Preinfusion (3 time options)
Coffe groups fully independent.
(Off/only coffee/coffee+steam)
Pump 20 bar
The professional water pump passes water through the coffee at the correct pressure to extract maximum aroma, flavour and organoleptic characteristics.

Adjustable pressure valve (OPV.). 8 to 15 bars.

3-way solenoid valve
This type of valve allows the machine to offer dry dispensing, eliminating the final drips and preventing over-pressurisation. Made in all cases of lead-free brass (OT 57) and stem of AISI316 stainless steel.
Adjustable legs
Our legs are 60 mm in diameter. Manufactured in stainless steel. Very sturdy. Adjustable via screw system, with a maximum range of 30 mm.
Set it up how you like!