Our constant obsession
We can be trusted

Reliable construction

This concept has driven the philosophy of our factory. In addition to the top-quality materials, meticulous design of components, rigorous trials and tests, the most important thing is to create honest products with reliable construction.

Our coffee machines have been designed following this philosophy: the construction of reliable, efficient, sustainable, easy-to-use, healthy, safe, and virtually eternal products.

And making them well. Very well.

In short, this is what reliable construction means.

Every Big Dream machine has an average of 3 days of assembly and testing behind it. This is the time necessary to ensure that your machine lasts a lifetime.

We’re in no hurry…

Luxury craftsmanship

All our machines are manufactured slowly and meticulously by the precise hands of our craftsmen

We’re in no hurry. The technicians who work on each of our machines need to take their time. Slowly but surely. At a studied pace with the confidence of knowing they are creating a unique and perfect object to last a lifetime…
Quality is our obsession

Quality assurance

Quality is assured thanks to our internal quality control system consisting of over 25 points of inspection, carried out by specialists at our factory in Barcelona.
Each and every machine we make undergoes a one-by-one test. One by one.

Life testing

The lab subjects our coffee machines to extreme life testing: making thousands and thousands of coffees, one after the other. Night and day. On full flow. We are determined to test the durability of our machines to the limit. And improve it!
Thanks to a specially created robot, we apply an intensive usage programme to all the machine’s functions. Up-to-the-minute mechanical engineering and computer systems give us every last detail of information about the product and how it performs with use. The final test of the prototype had a target of 1,000,000 coffees and steam and water services in two machines of two groups each. This is undoubtedly a key factor when it comes to achieving a reliable, long-lasting product.

Every 25,000 coffees we make a complete inspection of the machine. The results are analysed, technical improvements evaluated, and we continue improving the product. To infinity and beyond…
Further information

Control parameters:

  1. Life testing of the system and all its components.
  2. Effects of lime scale with different types of water.
  3. Temperature and thermal stability of the water outlet in the groups. Subjected to constant control, in situations of both continuous and intermittent use. The records of the hundreds of thousands of coffees produced gave us the essential information to achieve extraordinary and demonstrable thermal stability.
  4. Steam nozzle. The control tests enabled us to improve and perfect the system to the point of offering a warranty for 150,000 impacts. Just by changing a gasket we can offer the same warranty all over again. By changing the gasket and spring, we can give the nozzle a lifespan of over 1,000,000 impacts.
Yes. The answer is always ‘Yes’.

Technical Support Service. Customer Service.

When you buy an Ascaso machine, you are also buying the promise that if something goes wrong, we will fix it.
We have access to the latest technical information. Customized training. And a 24-hour customer service and parts exchange.

And yes, the answer is always yes.