High-quality materials and components
Manufactured in stainless steel with components of the highest quality.
This is the perfect professional option for establishments where there is moderate coffee consumption.
The capsule version is of special interest: BAR KAP. Capsule auto-ejection system.

Steam and water wand

Stainless steel. Multidirectional to 360º. The wand is cold to the touch, reducing the risk of contact burns.

Milk build-up is reduced to a minimum, making for easy cleaning.
Steam/water knobs
Over-sized, innovative shape with a pleasant feel. Non-slip grip.
Powerful professional steam
Emulsifies the milk to the ideal point for perfect cappuccinos.
Water reservoir
Removable. (5 L - 1 group, 10 L - 2 and 3 groups). Side reservoir or mains connection.
Distance between the coffee dispenser and cup is 8,5cm to 11/12cm

Cup warmer
Extends the usable area to 100%.

Wire tray
Easy to clean with thin wire tray so as not to dirty the bottoms of the cups.
Stainless steel. Easily removed for cleaning.
Back-lit button pad
Automatic cleaning cycle. Programmable pre-infusion.
High-precision pressure gauge
Stainless steel. Easy to control.
Lighting for work area
Look at the light!