High-quality materials and components

Manufactured in stainless steel for maximum sturdiness. These materials ensure our coffee machines have a longer useful life.

100% stainless steel chassis. For life. Anticorrosion. High-quality.

Ergonomic filter holder handle

Thanks to its ergonomic design, it has a strong yet pleasant feel. It is tilted 10º for ease of use, while the horizontal placement of the filter holder in the delivery group ensures perfectly pressed coffee grounds.

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Filter holder

The filter holder is one of the most heavily used parts of the machine. It is important that the design facilitates the barista’s work.

We focused on various aspects of the handle:

Designed to adapt to the palm of the hand, conveying a pleasant sense of strength and safety in use.
The 10º tilt facilitates its use, allowing the hand to adopt a natural position.
Horizontal resting position of the filter holder for perfect tamping of the ground coffee.

Coffee spouts. Thanks to the closing system these are always positioned centrally, making assembly and dismantling safe and easy.

Steam joystick
The stick facilitates use and improves control. A smooth, intuitive ‘natural’ movement makes it easy to use and control.
Steam and water wands
Made from AISI 316 stainless steel. The steam wand is anti-lime scale and remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of contact burns.
Milk build-up is reduced to a minimum, making for easy cleaning.

Steam outlets. Special design. The rounded edges, the smooth lines and four tangential outlets all mean creamy coffee every time. 4 outlets 1,2mm (1,6 optional)
Powerful professional steam
Emulsifies the milk to the ideal point for perfect cappuccinos. Our large-capacity boilers, with their incredible thickness, offer greater steam production stability.
2 high-precision pressure gauge
They allow the barista to visualize in real time the pressure of the boiler and the pressure of the pump during extraction.
Back-lit button pad and multifunction display

Display 1

Independent electronic temperature control for the coffee group (PID).
Counter (number of coffees, total and partial).
Programmable pre-infusion (0 to 5 seconds).
Precision 0,1 seconds. All selections adjustables.
Pid parameters control (only technicians).
Regulable max power.
Water tank or water network.
Mutiple Alarms display.

Display 2

Coffee dose timer.

Cup warmer
The large surface area keeps the cup at the ideal temperature for a perfect coffee.
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Cup warmer. (on/off switch)

Electric cup warmer Accessory that guarantees electric cup warming, with a direct heat source.
This is required where the boiler is insulated. Cutting-edge cup warmer (minimum consumption: 10W).

Wire tray
Easy to clean with thin wire tray so as not to dirty the bottoms of the cups.

Stainless steel. Easily removed for cleaning.

Work area light

Look at the light!


Easy access
Easy to dismantle. Designed for and by technicians.
Easy access to internal valves, pipes, solenoid valves, heating elements, pump regulators, etc.
The Baby T includes a 100% professional tamper as standard, aesthetically very well-kept and with an excellent finish. Combination of stainless steel with walnut wood.

Laser engraving: ASCASO– BARCELONA.