One + Zero = Dream

We have decided to discontinue the Dream Zero Model from our portfolio, namely our original Dream model. We will only manufacture the current Dream One model (which will just be renamed “ Dream)” and Dream Pid.

Dream and Dream Pid models will be technically the same as the Steel and Steel Uno Pid It will be in force next June 1st, but we will continue to accept orders of Dream Zero during 2021.

Main reasons:

-A clear differentiation of our Home range (Basic, Arc) from our "Barista at Home" or "Home Professional" range (Dream, Steel and Baby T).

By using the current group and configuration of Dream Zero model, the end customer experience is not really a “Pro” one. We link to document explaining point by point the differences.

-The current range makes a choice decision rather difficult for the end customer, since they have the same body within two different groups and multiple technical differences. Our range will be easier to understand after this upgrade.

-We unify the stainless-steel filter holder and coffee group within the whole ASCASO range: both commercial (Barista T, Baby T) and domestic (Dream, Steel).

As from June 1st.

Except for two Home models (Basic, Arc), which are increasingly marginal models in our sales.

-European regulations force us to use Stand-by. Thus, we need to introduce electronics and additionally the electronic control of temperature. They are key points in an outstanding thermal stability and truly professional coffee results.

We think that this is a very positive medium-term change, which results in a better positioning of the brand, an easier understanding of the range, and most importantly, a truly professional user experience and enjoyment.

Comparative table
  Dream ONE Dream ZERO
Group Φ 93mm external. Φ 80mm external.
Cover grupo Yes. Chromed aluminium No
Filter holder 61mm interno / 72mm externo
Stainless steel
59mm interno / 65mm externo
chromed brass
Coffee outlet Stainless steel chromed brass
Electonic control of temperature Internal adjustable electronic (PID) Bimetallic thermostats
Thermal stability +/- 1,5ºC +/- 4ºC
Stand-by Yes No
OPV adjustable Yes No
Discharge tray (back flush possibility). Better dry-off Water tank
Steam tube Φ10 mm. Cool touch. 360º Φ 6 mm. Cool touch. No 360º
Manometer Yes No (thermometer)
Features of each model
Dream ONE Dream ZERO
1. Group. Food brass. Φ 93mm external 1. Group. Food brass and food chromed. Φ 80 mm external
2. Steam tube. Φ 10mm. Cool touch. 360º 2. Steam tube. Φ 6mm. Cool touch. No 360º
3. Tray discharge. 3. Water tank discharge
4. Cover group. Chromed aluminium 4. Not available.
Dream ONE Dream ZERO
5. Adjustable OPV (Over pressure valve) 100% food brass. Adjustable. Fluid or tech brands. 5. Not available.
6. Electronic control (temperature, stand-by). Thermal stability Electronic control of the temperature (PID) Thermal stability +-1,5ºC. Built-in Function. 6. Bimetallic thermostats. Thermal stability +-4ºC. No Stand-by.
7. Manometer. 7. Thermometer.
Dream ONE Dream ZERO
8. Bigger and sturdy filter holder Φ 61mm internal / 72mm external. Stainless steel (from June, 1st). 8. Filter holder Φ59mm internal / 65mm external. Chromed brass.
9. Coffee outlets. Stainless steel (from June, 1st). 9. Coffee outlets. Chromed brass.