Big Dream

We’ve created an energy-efficient, long-lasting and hygienic coffee machine.

We invite you to come and discover the reality of our big dream.

100 years ago

The first espresso coffee machine was manufactured more than 100 years ago. Since then, the materials used to manufacture coffee machines have barely changed.

Yes, 100 years…

100 years in which there has been a huge evolution in terms of the design, exterior materials and electronic devices that facilitate and improve coffee extraction… Yet inside, at the heart of the machine, nothing has happened for over a century. Brass and copper are still the main components of coffee machines. The technical characteristics of these materials tell us that thermal stability, energy efficiency, mechanical resistance and lime scale adherence to the components cannot possibly be optimal.

So… why not seek out the best?

Our technical team of dedicated engineers has devoted more than four years to this quest. We wanted to evolve. To change 100 years of history. There were other options out there, and they were better.

At our factory in Barcelona, we have engineered change: more than a century later, we have manufactured the first coffee machine that eschews the conventional materials of the previous century, replacing them completely with stainless steel.

The first coffee machine in the world in which 100% of the components are made from stainless steel.

We love stainless steel!
It is possibly one of the finest materials ever created by humans.

It is used in surgical instruments, containers for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the aeronautical sector, drinking water pipes and… from now on, to manufacture espresso coffee machines.

With this new structural language (and a great deal of enthusiasm) we have managed to create a unique and optimal product. The definitive response to all the challenges we posed to our engineers.

Long Life: Created to last

Stainless steel has enabled us to create a long-lasting product which is therefore more sustainable. The mechanical resistance of this material ensures our coffee machines have a longer useful life.

It is resistant to corrosion, to temperatures of up to 300ºC, to water, to steam and to humidity. Furthermore, stainless steel is immune to lime scale which is the cause of 70% of repairs to professional coffee machines.

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Stainless steel, meanwhile, is a very bad heat conductor and thus an extremely bad dissipater. Therefore, it is a material that requires less power to maintain thermal stability. This characteristic of stainless steel results in improved energy efficiency. By maintaining the optimum operating temperature, the machine requires less electrical power.

As well as using this material, our engineering department also introduced additional measures to achieve energy savings of 40% compared to a traditional machine made from copper and brass.
Additional measures:

  • Electronic temperature management. Computer software and high-precision sensors that manage the system automatically. Programmable standby and On/Off functions
  • PID Control in all the coffee boilers and the steam boiler. All the boilers are controlled by a PID system, featuring electronic thermostats that are much more precise and act much faster than the traditional mechanical pressure gauge system.
  • The Multi-Boiler System  means that power is only used by the part of the machine in use at any time.  Each group can be turned off or on independently.
  • Thermal lagging made from high-tech material for coffee and steam boilers. ISOSOL thermal lagging notably increases the quality of the coffee machine.
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100% coffee. 100% healthy

Stainless steel does not need any kind of protective coating or embellishment (chrome or nickel plating is often used in conventional machines) and there is no need for chemical or acid-based products to maintain steel, as lime scale does not adhere to it.

In the case of espresso, the coffee is transformed by passing the water through a circuit at a certain pressure and temperature. This circuit is normally made from metals such as copper, brass, lead, nickel and chrome which have been proven to migrate to a greater or lesser degree to the infusion of the coffee granules that have been so carefully selected and treated to create the complex and unique blends of specialist coffee.

With stainless steel internal components there is no migration of heavy metals to the coffee infusion, which is the case with machines that use copper and brass. The espresso shot with which we create the end result is 100% pure coffee, with no infiltration of other elements that might alter its flavour, aroma or texture. There is no nickel, no lead, no cadmium…

High Technology

Big Dream is a product that incorporates the industry's latest technology, in regard to both hardware and software.

The use of stainless steel in all its internal components (whether water flows through them or not), in itself makes this a ‘next generation’ machine. But it also has multiple other new features.

Hardware. We have included latest-generation components: Highly stable, double welded saturated coffee groups, thermal cladding on groups and boilers, ‘eternal’ steam valves, precision filters, RGB LEDs, all valves stainless steel… and many others. Many of these features simply did not exist before in the industry.

Software. The key to being a hi-tech product. We have developed totally new, state-of-the-art software offering total control over the machine through the display (touch screen). It features all kinds of functionalities, alerts and records, with quick, intuitive control and is unique in its field.

Main features

  • Manufactured 100% from stainless steel. All components are stainless steel, replacing the copper and brass of traditional machines.
  • A robust body in 2.5 mm thick stainless steel.
  • Multi-boiler technology (on/off by group)/saturated groups.
  • Independent steam boiler.
  • Thermal lagging on boilers (coffee and steam) and groups.
  • PID control (+ 0.1º) for each group and steam boiler.
  • Thermal stability (+/- 0.2º)
  • Dynamic preheating (coffee groups).
  • Energy efficient (-40%)
  • Two pre-infusion options (soft and standard).
  • Hot water. Dual selection (volume).
  • Precise control of water temperature for infusions.
  • Powerful steamer (12 mm anti-lime scale tube with double stainless steel wall)
  • High-precision filters in AISI 304 stainless steel. Thickness: 1 mm. All standard measurements: 7/14/18/21 g.
  • Adjustable cup warmer. From 30º to 60ºC.
  • TFT touchscreen. Functional, intuitive software. Multiple functions. Total control.
  • Designed for baristas: Low height (49 cm), mirror effect, joystick steam controls: two positions, LED in work area, RGB LEDs on button pad, 5 selections.
  • Different colours and customization options.