Why stainless steel?

Copper is an excellent heat conductor and, as a result, a good heat sink. It is not the ideal material for maintaining thermal stability. Stainless steel is a terrible heat conductor and heat sink. Therefore, it is a material that requires less power to maintain thermal stability.

We guarantee you savings of between 30% and 40% compared to similar machines with copper boilers and no thermal cover.

ANTI-LIME SCALE: Stainless steel = no lime scale

Stainless steel is the ideal material to avoid the build-up of lime scale deposits.

Stainless steel has a high mechanical resistance. In copper it is almost non-existent.

It is an excellent choice from a hygiene point of view. No lead or nickel in your coffee.
AISI316 stainless steel boiler
Plasma soldering
Extremely sturdy
: Boiler thickness: 2.3 mm; thermal cover thickness: 3 mm; cover thickness: 5 mm
6/13/18 litres

E61 group

Original group manufactured in lead-free brass. 3.7 kg.



Group top pipe made of Aisi 304 stainless steel.
It prevents limescale deposits and nickel migrations into the beverage.

Ergonomic filter holder handle
Thanks to its ergonomic design, it has a strong yet pleasant feel. Non-slip grip. It is tilted 10º for ease of use, while the horizontal placement of the filter holder in the delivery group ensures perfectly pressed coffee grounds.
Professional filters
Comes with a filter for 1 coffee, another for 2 coffees and one blind filter for regular cleaning with a good detergent. Manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel using cutting-edge technology.

The circular perforations are totally uniform and always the same size (maximum tolerance of 0.02 mm difference between one hole and the next).
Its design (a geometric pyramid for the holes and a 94º angle) guarantees uniform dispensing and reduces possible sediment in the coffee and the blocking of the holes.

High quality shower
Without welding. AISI304

Stainless steel heating elements
Manufactured in high-quality Incoloy® 800 stainless steel
Fittings inox AISI316
Total quality. Unbeatable on a mechanical and food-safe level.
Boiler injector inox AISI316
Offers much better mechanical resistance than Teflon, has anti-limescale properties and is a big step forward in terms of the machine’s thermal stability.
Inox rotatory pump AISI316
As well as being very healthy, our machines have a longer life.
R.P.M. motors.
Powerful, high-quality. (165 W - 2gr 265 W - 3 gr)
3-way solenoid valve
This type of valve allows the machine to offer dry dispensing, eliminating the final drips and preventing over-pressurisation. Made in all cases of lead-free brass (OT 57) and stem of AISI316 stainless steel.
High-quality components

We have used the best components available in the industry. Always seeking maximum quality, maximum guarantees.

  • Bremas-brand general switch
  • Sirai pressurestat
  • Ego boiler thermostat
  • Wiring 100% protected (up to 250ºC) with heat-resistant covering
  • All electrical components protected
Electronic technology
High-quality electronic components. Dosing, pre-infusion and wash-cycle control.

Professional valves
Professional-quality steam and water valves.
Guaranteed long useful life.
Made in all cases of lead-free brass (OT 57).

Adjustable legs
Our legs are 60 mm in diameter. Manufactured in stainless steel. Very sturdy. Adjustable via screw system, with a maximum range of 30 mm.
Set it up how you like!