All of this just for a cup of coffee?


stainless steel & multi-GROUPS




main features
High-quality electronic components.

Every machine comes with an Integrated Digital Control System (switchboard). This system guarantees the utmost precision in the digital programming and regulation of all the machine’s parameters. It is the machine’s ‘brain’. We have developed totally new, state-of-the-art software, offering total control over the machine through the display.

They have been arranged completely independently for ease of repair and to provide better thermal insulation and increase the life of components.


Double display per group

Display 1

  • Independent electronic temperature control for the coffee group (PID). Independent On/Off per group. (Precision of 0,1ºC)
  • Independent electronic temperature control for the steam boiler (PID). Independent On/Off. (Precision of 1ºC)
  • Counter (number of coffees, total and partial).
  • Programmable pre-infusion (0 to 5 seconds). Precision 0,1 seconds. All selections adjustables.
  • Pid parameters control (only technicians).
  • Regulable max power.
  • Water tank (2L) and water network.
  • Alarms display.


Ascaso App
Control all the parameters of your machine through the mobile.

By wifi. Easy and comfortable. The same settings that you also have from the keypad of the machine and more:

  • On/off coffee group and steam boiler.
  • Schedules weekly shutdown/start. Improves energy efficiency.
  • Stand-by activation.
  • Electronic PID control of coffee groups temperature. Accuracy 0,1ºC.
  • Electronic PID control of steam boiler temperature. Accuracy 1 ºC.
  • Choice ºC or ºF.
  • Counter (number of coffees, total and partial).
  • Programmable preinfusion in each selection (from 0 to 5 seconds). Accuracy of 0.1 sec in all selections.
  • Volumetric adjustment of all options.
  • Connection to water network or tank.
  • Languages selection.
  • Reset, import/export machine configuration parameters.

Content expandable through updates.


Tecnología T

acero inoxidable y multi-grupos




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