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A difficult choice
Each one of our Dream machines is unique, exclusive, different.
Both the manufacturing process and the finish, polished or varnished, are done by hand. Piece by piece.
For 'professional' artisans. Who cherish each separate part, each small detail...

Our Dream is available in 15 colours (the coffee machine with the widest range of colours on the international market) and three different finishes: gloss, matte (textured) and hand-crafted.  
New look: a natural touch
Our machines now feature boxwood
Box is said to be craftsmen's favourite shrub. It is very special wood, called ‘the ivory of woods’, as it is free of pores. This makes it a noble material, which is very hard-wearing and smooth to the touch. Ideal for a coffee machine.

Thanks to its natural properties, boxwood items need no chemical finishes.

Love is in the air
Special decoration for our cherished Dream machine and espresso and cappuccino cups.

Applied technique
We have found the best possible technique and process that ensure the highest-quality, hardest-wearing results. The maxim has been to achieve a sturdy product (one that doesn't deteriorate due to time, use or the heating up of parts) that also 'appeals to the senses' (we like the way it looks, the way it feels).

Quality vinyl
High-quality, long-lasting polymer vinyl. Once in place, it is treated with a solvent-free acrylic powdered varnish and left in the oven for 30 minutes at 170 ºC. This way, we are guaranteed both a quality and durable item.